Mindy Hung 
Master of Speech Language Pathology (University of Sydney)

Speech-Language Pathologist
DIR Floortime Provider





認可DIR 地板時間治療師

Mindy graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics Cognitive Science from Canada. She then completed her Master of Speech Language Pathology in Australia. She is a Certified Practising member of Speech Pathology Australia, a Registered Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Speech Therapists, a member of the Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists and trained in DIR Floortime, PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), Hanen ItTakes Two to Talk, Voicecraft and Key Word Sign. She is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Mindy worked in a variety of settings in Australia and Hong Kong, including private clinics, mainstream and international schools, special schools, government organizations and NGOs. She is experienced in working with difficulties in language, speech sounds, stuttering, voice and swallowing. She aims to empower parents to support their children's development. She also enjoys discovering each child's unique learning styles, strengths and interests, and believes that an engaging and effective learning environment is one that is individualized accordingly. She understands the importance of close collaboration and communication between members of a child's support system, such as teachers, parents and other therapists, in order to provide holistic care for the child. 

Mindy has a special interest in creating a total communication environment for children with special needs, such as children with autism spectrum disorder or Down syndrome, where pictures, signs, gestures and speech can all be used to build on communication skills. She believes that having difficulties or delays in oral language alone should not hinder a child's communication development and participation in daily activities.  


  • Certified in PECS level 1 training 
  • Certified Provider of It Takes Two to Talk® The Hanen Program® for Parents
  • DIR Floortime Provider
  • Certified VitalStim Therapy Provider for Dysphagia
  • TalkTools Oral Placement Therapy Level 1
  • Voicecraft provider
  • Certified Provider of Adventures in Voice (AIV)
  • SOS Approach to Feeding


洪勉婷小姐 (Mindy) 是悉尼大學言語治療碩士及加拿大麥馬士達大學語言及心理學文學學士。 Mindy在悉尼大學修讀碩士課程時曾於澳洲的學校、政府機構、復康院及醫院進行言語治療實習。畢業後於多所國際、主流及特殊學校,以及私營及非牟利機構任職言語治療師, 以廣東話、英語或普通話為學生進行吞嚥及言語溝通、聲線及說話流暢性的評估和治療。 Mindy深信家長在治療過程中扮演關鍵的角色,故她希望家長能透過參與治療過程,學習輔助子女發展的技巧,從而將言語治療帶到日常生活中,使治療成效更為顯著。同時, 她亦相信要為孩子建立優質學習環境,必須先了解他們的學習模式、長處及興趣  。Mindy尤其熱衷於幫助有特殊需要的兒童使用綜合溝通法(即使用語音、手語、圖卡或其他輔助溝通系統溝通)來表達他們的想法及需要,因為她認為溝通能力發展及日常活動參與不應受說話能力所限制。



  • PECS 一級課程證書
  • 認可It Takes Two to Talk® The Hanen Program® for Parents言語治療師
  • 認可DIR 地板時間治療師
  • 認可吞咽電療法言語治療師 (Vitalstim)
  • 美國OPT口部肌肉定位治療一級課程
  • 認可Voicecraft言語治療師
  • 認可Adventures in Voice (AIV)言語治療師
  • SOS餵養法認可言語治療師



  • Mindy Hung

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"When we first came to see Zara, our son M was not verbal. He was not regulated because he was unable to communicate his needs and wants to us. The first few sessions that we had with Zara was more of getting the trust of our son to play with her and be more comfortable with her. Each session with her was not just about helping our son to communciation to us at home. We were able to practice and extend that therapy sessions from Zara's office to our home because of the ideas and knowledge she has shared with us. After a few months of sessions with Zara, our son M can now verbally communicate his needs and wants to us and has expanded his vocabulary. Because of the trust and patience that Zara has shown to our son, our son is always looking forward to his sessions with her. We are happy with the progress of our son from being non verbal to a child who can now talk to us, read aloud and sing his nursery fhymes. Thank you Zara!"

Tung Chung Mum